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Portugal is a fascinating wine producing country, with the separate regions producing distinctive wines of great interest and wonderful flavours not to be found anywhere else in the World. This is largely due to the plethora of native grape varieties and individual terroirs which have histories dating back to Roman times. This combined with greatly improved winemaking techniques and knowledge, means that Portuguese wines are better than ever and offer great value for money for those of us looking for new and different wines. We stock an ever growing selection of small grower wines which we believe offer a good cross-section of what is emerging from Portugal today.

Wine Key - R is for red, W is for white, P is for rose


R Herdade Sao Miguel, Ciconia 2012 £8.49
R Herdade Sao Miguel, Tinto 2012 £10.99
R Vinha do Mouro, Tinto 2010 (tasting notes) £12.49
R Herdade Sao Miguel, Alicante Bouschet 2011 £16.99
R Herdade da Malhadinha Nova, Monte da Peceguina Tinto 2011 £17.99
R Quinta do Mouro, Tinto 2007 £32.99
R Herdade da Malhadinha Nova, Tinto 2009 £39.99


R Alianca Reserva 2011 £6.99
R Luis Pato, Rebel Tinto 2010 £14.99
R Luis Pato, Vinha Pan 2005 (tasting notes) £33.99
W Luis Pato, Maria Gomes 2012 £9.99


R Quinta do Correio, Tinto 2010 £8.99
R Maias Tinto 2011 £9.99
R Quinta dos Roques, Tinto 2010 £12.99
R Quinta dos Roques, Reserva 2007 £26.99
R Quinta dos Roques, Garrefeira 2003 £34.99
W Quinta do Correio, Branco 2011 (tasting notes) £8.99
W Maias Branco 2012 £9.99
W Quinta dos Roques, Encruzado 2011 (tasting notes) £16.99


P Niepoort, Redoma Rose 2011 £12.99
R Douro Feitoria, Tinto 2011 (tasting notes) £9.99
R Niepoort, Drink Me Tinto 2012 £11.99
R Alves de Sousa, Caldas 2010 £12.99
R douROSA, Douro Tinto 2010 £12.99
R Quinta de Macedos, Pinga do Torto 2007 £14.99
R Niepoort, Vertente 2011 £17.99
R Meandro 2008 £18.99
R Meandro 2010 £18.99
R Lavradores de Feitoria, Bag in Box (2l) £19.99
R Quinta de la Rosa, Passagem 2008 £19.99
R Niepoort, Bioma Tinto 2010 (tasting notes) £22.99
R Quinta de la Rosa, Reserva Tinto 2007 (tasting notes) £26.99
R Niepoort, Redoma Tinto 2008 £34.99
R Doda 2007 £39.99
R Quinta da Vale Meao 2008 £49.99
R Niepoort, Batuta Tinto 2008 £59.99
R Niepoort, Charme 2006 £59.99
R Niepoort, Charme 2007 £59.99
R Quinta da Vale Meao 2010 £59.99
R Niepoort, Charme 2009 £69.99
W Douro Feitoria, Branco 2012 £9.99
W Niepoort, Redoma Branco 2010 £17.99
W Niepoort, Tiara 2008 £20.99
W Niepoort, Tiara 2009 £20.99


W Herdeiros Antonio Carvalho, Antonio 2009 £19.99

Vinho Verde

W Quinta da Raza 2012 £8.99
W Leira Seca 2011 £9.99
W Soalheiro, Alvarinho 2010 £15.99
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