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The vineyards of Argentina are located in the beautiful foothills of the Andes where clear blue skies offer long ripening seasons and snow melt provides an abundance of water giving healthy productive vines.

As with most New World countries, Argentina is eager to experiment with different grape varieties. At present though, the most important variety is Malbec.

Argentinean Malbec is produced in many different styles and these are reflected in our range. Altos Las Hormigas is a richly fruited red with certain creamy notes and compared with the subtle, spicy Lorca with its dense structure and firm tannins.

Let’s not forget the whites with dry yet full and rounded Pinot Blanc’s and Pinot Gris together with the floral and spicy Torrontes offering great alternatives in a world awash with Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc.

Wine Key - R is for red, W is for white, P is for rose

Calchaqui Valley

W Bodega Colome, Torrontes 2014 £10.99


R Tesoro de Los Andes, Malbec/Bonarda 2014 £6.99
R Espiritu Malbec 2014 £8.99
R Nieto Senetiner Reserva, Malbec 2013 £9.49
R Kaiken, Terroir Series, Malbec/Bonarda/Petit Verdot 2013 £9.99
R Altos Las Hormigas, Malbec Clasico 2013 £11.99
R Montesco, Bonarda 2013 £12.99
R Crios, Pinot Noir 2013 £13.99
R JiJiJi, Malbec/Pinot Noir 2014 £14.99
R Atamisque, Catalpa, Malbec 2013 £15.99
R Joffre, Malbec 2011 £15.99
R Quinto, Malbec 2013 £15.99
R Benegas, Cabernet Sauvignon 2010 £18.99
R Atamisque, Malbec 2013 £19.99
R Puro, Corte d'Oro 2012 £21.99
R Altos Las Hormigas, Valle de Uco, Malbec Reserve 2012 £24.99
R Montesco, Pinot Noir 2012 £24.99
W Crios, Torrontes 2013 £11.99
W Atamisque, Catalpa, Chardonnay 2012 £15.99


R 006, Malbec 2014 £12.99
R 006, Merlot 2014 £12.99
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